Learning to Learn ‘Em

Having received my first bits of pre-course homework and text book in preparation for the start of my PGCE in September I have decided to start writing about the experience.  My hope is that by making myself regularly write about what I do as I ‘learn to learn ’em’ (gettit?) I will reflect on the process.  I’m sure there will be tricky bits to get through, and hopefully I will be able to flick back to positive reflections at those points to encourage me, and use the blog a little cathartically if necessary.

There’s not a lot to reflect on yet though as I haven’t even cracked the spine of the lovely new text book.  I’d better crack on with my current job (quite a lot of housework) and hope that my toddler goes to bed nice an early tonight so that I can open the first pages of ‘Learning to Teach in the Secondary School’ (6th Edition) and the first pages of my new career!